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Jackson Crough, DPM – 10 Simple Tips for Diabetic Foot Care

Proper foot care in diabetic patients should be take seriously. If you are a newly diagnosed diabetic or even if you have been diabetic for a some time, I would like to offer you some basic foot care best practices.

1. Avoid walking barefoot. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes for the activities you are performing.

2. Conduct a daily inspection of your feet. Making sure to look closely at your entire foot including in between each of your toes and the soles of your feet. if you are unable to bend comfortably to see your foot please use a mirror or ask someone to assist.


3. Avoid moisture by completely drying your feet. Excessive moisture can cause athletes foot which can lead to infections.

4. Check your water temperature prior to bathing or showering and maintain a comfortable setting that is not overly warm.

5. Avoid using heating pads or hot water bottles on your legs and feet.

6. Check your shoes for signs of wear and tear such as exposed seams or holes that might allow a foreign object to cut or bruise your foot.

7. Wear socks with your shoes.

8. Avoid using over the counter treatments for in-grown toe nails, corns, or calluses as this can be very dangerous.

9. If you are a smoker I urge you to quit. Smoking can decrease circulation to your legs and feet.

10. If you are experiencing painful, red, itchy feet, or you see other signs of infection make an appointment immediately, prompt attention is extremely important.

Please don’t ignore potential problems call my office with any concerns or questions. I offer regular check-ups and advanced treatment of foot and ankle conditions.