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Some fractures and other ailments exist due to trauma. Damages to the toes and forefoot are quite common. Trauma assistance, while sometime involving surgery, serves to alleviate immediate pain while providing ongoing comfort. A fracture, break or serious impact is dealt with on a patient-to-patient basis—so as to assure the patient’s comfort, health and continuous motor operability.

All trauma cases are handled following in-depth ankle and foot diagnosis. In diagnosing ankle and foot trauma, Dr. Jackson Crough performs a physical examination. Areas of pain, tenderness and inflammation are handled with care. During every step, diagnosis references a rich medical history regarding physical examination, injury causes, disorders and possible correction techniques. Trauma can be an incredibly damaging experience, if uncared for. If you’re feeling in pain, don’t wait to contact Dr. Jackson Crough. Trauma, however small, can result in a variety of ongoing medical issues.